28-day family challenge – Path to a healthier life


28-day path to a healthier life

As adults we want to be healthier and vibrant.  We crave energy, less aches and pains, leaner body and just want to enjoy life plain and simple.  The pivot point usually comes when a new year starts or perhaps we are a year older or even worst we have some sort of condition (skin issues, allergies, inflammation, unbalanced hormones, weak immune system and digestion system, etc) We go on some sort of diet or cleansing and even join a gym, after a few weeks we start looking and feeling better, we start to see a better self without realizing this is just the early stage and things will not get any easier.

After a few months we are usually back on square one, why? Because Diets don’t work! too many biological changes going on when we diet, we start noticing and craving food even more, at times we become cranky, our metabolism slows down and more of the food we eat is stored as fat and not to mention our energy starts decreasing. We gain double the weight and end up even worst than when we started.  We blamed ourselves for ‘blowing it” without realizing that the culprit was the diet itself! (Think about all the money diet companies make when you fail, you keep on coming back to them!)

We are more likely to fail when most of our focus goes into a ‘diet’ which typically addresses only one thing, food.  The food we eat not only affect our body, it affects our mind and our emotions.  We need more than just food to be successful, we need an overall balance consisting of exercise, stress relief, hydration and most importantly nutrition.  We don’t need a diet, we need a lifestyle change.

We need to love ourselves inside and out!

Now close your eyes, really, close your eyes and just envision how would you look and feel like if you had a balanced lifestyle from an early age? What if you would’ve given your body the good things all along, including emotional stability? Where would you be? What would you have done differently? Where would your fitness and emotional level be now? How about your overall health?

28-day family challenge possibility
So why is it that when we want to improve our health and life, we usually just look at doing that for ourselves?  What about the rest of our family? Imagine the impact we would make if we influence our spouse and children to make a lifestyle change, now, together!  Think about the potential our children can achieve if we armed them with the knowledge of better food choices and the power of nutrition.  Envision your children being able to handle stress better, wow, I bet there would be less tantrums and better communication.

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The 28-day family challenge primary goal is to start you and your family on the path to a healthier life, together.  It is about pushing the “reset” button and start healing the body.  It is a start for recovering from whatever effects the food you have been eating thus far is doing to yours and your family’s mind, body and spirit.

Is it going to be easy? Probably not.  Is it going to take a bit more of your time? Probably yes.  If you and your family have never done this before, rest assure you will get some ugly faces, complaints, yucky sounds and probably a lot of push back.  Just keep in mind this will change with time, everyone’s pallet will start changing and acquiring a taste for new flavors and food, healthier food. Hang in there, you need to do this, your family needs to do this!  You will start noticing a change in everyone and will start taking a different look at life.

The only way you can start noticing changes is by committing to the full 28-days.  You will start slow by making small changes each week.  Remember, this is only the START, the best is yet to come. 😉

Here are some tips before getting started on the family challenge:

  • Let your family know that you will start making nutrition and activity changes that will impact everyone.  Explain this will be to  improve everyone’s health and to become more conscious about eating and what you feed the mind
  • Connect with others in Facebook and Instagram for tips and to share your experience
  • If you can, buy organic vegetables and fruits.  I understand if you are on a budget, if this is the case, then focus on buying organic fruit and vegetables that are mostly contaminated with chemicals and pesticides such as apples, cucumbers and celery.  If you decide to go 100% conventional, ensure to wash all fruits and vegetables well, and peel off skin mainly from cucumbers and apples to reduce the contaminant on these vegetables and fruits
  • One of the best investments you can make for you and your family is to own a juicer.   There are many juicers out there you can get, from cheap to expensive, check top recommended ones here.  Although, provides you with more nutrients, you can use a kitchen blender, such a vitamix to start making juices and smoothies.  You will still get some of the benefits and the added fiber, but keep in mind you will loose some of the nutrients a ‘real’ juicer can produce.  Save up for a ‘real’ juicer! It is well worth it!

Stay committed! You can’t expect to be doing the same old thing over and over again and expect different results!

Start NOW! The changes you make today will be the results of tomorrow


Some of the benefits you will get from vegetable juicing, eating healthier and cleaner food are:

  • Better mood and mental health
  • Improved emotional stability
  • Improved immune system
  • Improved energy
  • Improved focus
  • Better sleep through out the night
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Reduced risk of allergies
  • Reduced risk of chronic diseases
  • Reduced risk of diabetes, kidney disease
  • Reduced risk of neurological conditions such as Alzheimer
  • Fewer sick days
  • Clearer skin
  • Even weight loss

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