28-day family challenge – Week 4



During Week 4 of the 28-day family challenge, you will need to start being more conscious of what you are feeding the family.  Focus on providing clean meals/lunches and avoid food such as pizza, fast food, donuts, bread, cupcakes, waffles, french fries, fried chicken, etc.


  • More benefits of water? helps in prevention of constipation along with fiber
  • Eat more chicken (preferably organic), wild-caught seafood and limit lean meats
  • Electronic time contributes to obesity as children and adults spend more hours of the day attached to a screen than exercising and moving about, keep on exercising!
  • Be the leader and set an example about minimizing electronic time at home
  • Remember breathing relaxes the mind and body, it even brings clarity

That is all… for now 😉 Please share your struggles, successes and observations.  Can’t wait to hear from each of you!

A radiant and vibrant life starts from the inside out. Keep this in mind as you walk thru this life and teach to those following you.

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