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When it is time to switch it up, I make lunch kabobs for my boys and they looovee it!  It is just about switching it up a little bit.  Instead of making this into a boring sandwich, I just decided to opt out from the bread and got a little creative.  I try to aim for two vegetables and two fruits and a dessert.  My boys are good eaters  and came back saying they really liked their lunch but wanted more.  Good grief!

They like deli meat, and meat is a good source of protein.  But keep in mind certain deli meats are better than others.  Salami, bologna, pastrami, etc. have a lot of fat, and they are usually made with nitrates and nitrates (both bad which can be carcinogen).

I highly recommend chicken breast and turkey breast.  Limit salami and ham to one or twice a week.   When buying deli meat go for the uncured turkey bacon (low sodium), no nitrate/nitrites ham and salami and no MSG.  When possible buy organic versions of these.

Lunch A

delimit lunch


You might be surprised to see spinach with goat cheese as part of this lunch.  It was not always like this, my youngest son just liked broccoli and not other vegetable, not even potatoes!  But as his palate started adjusting to the more nutritious foods he started liking a variety of vegetables, spinach being his favorite.  If you have read my previous posts, you would know that I try to minimize cow’s milk intake in our household, so instead of mozzarella cheese,  I sprinkle or cut up goat cheese instead and add it to their salads and sandwiches.  It was not easy to transition from cow’s cheese to goat cheese, it took a lot of tries of different cheeses, but finally my boys and I settled for this one, Trader’s Joes mild goat cheese (my husband doesn’t seem to be into this goat cheese lol)

The healthy part of this lunch:
Spinach is packed with vitamins and minerals and contains more than a dozen different antioxidant flavonoid compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties that protect against heart disease.  Its vitamin K helps to protect bones.
Blackberries are also high in antioxidants.  They help repair sun damaged skin, helps remove toxins from the gut, helps lower blood pressure and even has anticancer properties!
Prunes are sweet and good source of fiber for a good bowel movement 😉

Amazon usually has good price on Annie’s double chocolate chip gluten free granola bars


This second lunch is for my oldest.  He loves cherry tomatoes so I added it to his kabobs.  Instead of prunes I used dried raisins and crackers from back to nature

A little customization goes a long way!  Give it a try and tell me how it goes.


Lunch E



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