Voskos Greek yogurt

Vosges Greek Yogurt

Vosges Greek Yogurt





      The Good

      • Good source of calcium
      • Good source of protein
      • Active probiotic cultures

      The bad and the ugly

      • not too much real fruit
      • high in sugar

      Finding good yogurts for the boys is sometimes a hassle, specially because they like the fruity ones.  They love to use it in their smoothies and as a snack.  I like it since one serving has 30% of protein in this case, and protein is good specially after a soccer practice of two hours!

      The downside is the sugar, this specific one has 17g of sugars, which is a lot if your kids are between 4 and 8 and trying to stay within the sugar-added guideline of 35 g of sugar per day! so eat moderately.


      I usually split it a one 6 oz in two and give to each of my boys.  This reduces the sugar a little bit.  I also sometimes buy plain yogurt and add fresh fruit to it.

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