About Veronica (a.k.a “V”)

I am the founder of BlueLightWave, passionate about nurturing our children’s mind♥body♥spirit; food activist, writer, runner and with an eye for photography.

A mom of two curious, energetic, funny and awesome boys and a wife to a loving and amazing supportive husband 😉 Former Engineering Manager and Project Manager and currently pursuing a certification as a family Health Coach.


Having experienced the corporate world for more than 20 years and the diversity of friends I have made through out the years, has allowed me to meet many interesting people from all backgrounds and cultures.  Although everyone has different nutritional needs and traditions, most, if not all, have one goal in common, to have a healthy life style.

We live busy and overwhelming lives, and plays out similar to this: work during the day, pick up the kids from school, take kids to practice, grab something ‘healthy’ to eat on the way, throw the laundry in the washer before leaving, wash the dishes, walk the dog, feed the cat, get more food, shower time, kids to sleep and finally when is time to rest we do more work during the night instead. Whew! Wow! we sure choose to overload ourselves and by default our children; guilty of that!

There is hardly any time in the day (or night for that matter) to realize food is our source of energy, bad or good.  We are distracted that we are not aware of what we are truly eating and feeding our families.  We go on with our lives trusting that what we are being mostly sold at the grocery stores and fed at restaurants is healthy food with nutrients nourishing our bodies.  We overlook the ingredients of foods, where they come from and how they were processed.  We go with what is printed or advertised because that is much easier and takes less time.  This is exactly how we are being distracted without realizing at times the long term negative effects a lot of what we consumed will have in our health and our children’s health.

Not only is food where our attention is reduced, but also in our daily lives.  With such overwhelming life styles it is hard to sit and read a good and informative book/article, to stay still, to clear the mind, to nurture our bodies and teach our children by our actions to how to truly “LIVE”.  

A few years ago, my oldest son developed some sort of digestive disfunction to the point where he was at the emergency room in the middle of the night, several times, with pain and doctors couldn’t pin point what the issue was! Seeing your child suffer and being powerless is something I desire to NO one.  His allergies were also getting worst and my youngest started with them as well.   Although we have been ‘healthy’ for the most part, I just felt there was something else we might be missing.  This drove me to pay detailed attention at what we were feeding our children, the sugar, the calories, carbs, fat, the ingredients of many of the so called ‘good’ for your body food and oh! my, what we thought was healthy, sometimes was not!

We were ignorant of a lot of the harmful ingredients on the food products we were consuming; even our household products! we believed the T.V., the radio,  we believed the advertising, the cute, healthy looking kids promoting such food.  So I decided to dig even further, doing lots of research, looking at the labels and every single ingredient on a box.  I decided to go on a quest and started ‘dissecting’ the food we were consuming  and inspecting the household products at home.  Although I was in awe and angry at what the FDA and U.S government approve for consumption and to be used not only by adults but by our children, I became more informed and knowledgeable.  It was a truly eye opener and armed me with the tools needed to help my family minimize exposure to those harmful chemicals, color additives, artificial ingredients and preservatives.


I come from a Hispanic family, lived in Mexico most of my childhood. Not too long ago it dawned on me how peaceful, joyful, calmed and nutritious my childhood was, my mother took us to meditation at an early age and always emphasized the importance of nutrition and exercise.  This is how I would like for my family and yours to experience in this modern world and society of ours, a healthier lifestyle.   My desire is for all of us to be aware of the connection of body, mind and spirit, to be conscious eaters, to be conscious of how to nurture our family’s mind, body and spirit.

My intention is to share content about Family’s  healthy lifestyle resources, promoting the cleaner, better choices and safer products and exposing the harmful chemicals and ingredients in our family’s daily lives.

My desire is to give a little bit of inspiration and together, to teach our children to nurture their mind ♥body♥spirit, after all, they are the future of this World.


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