Uncured All Beef Hot Dogs

Trader Joe's Uncured All Beef Hot Dogs

Trader Joe's Uncured All Beef Hot Dogs





      The Good

      • No Nitrates or nitrates added
      • No fillers
      • No added antibiotics or hormones
      • All Natural

      The bad and the ugly

      • High in Saturated fat. Daily value for Saturated fat is about 20g, one hotdog puts you at 7g, about 35% of your daily value!
      • Watch the sodium; about 19% of daily value; keep sodium under 2400mg (FDA suggestion)

      As an alternative to the regular, concession stand hot dogs, that my boys used to love :/, I look for the All natural, Uncured, no nitrates or nitrates added and no preservatives hot dogs.  I like the Trader Joe’s Uncured All Beef Hot dogs and my boys just love them. Add the Organic Alpine Valley Hotdog Buns, and you get a delicious snack or lunch!  (I will keep this hot dog snack to a minimum primarily because of the sodium and saturated fat.)


      Most of the concession stand hot dogs contain processed meat, preservatives such as sodium nitrite and nitrite. All of these possible contributors to nitrate-congaing chemicals believed to cause cancer! (see my post on nitrate for more information)



      Beef, water, 2% or less of allspice, celery juice powder, evaporated cane syrup, garlic powder, ginger, honey, lactic acid starter culture, mustard, nutmeg, onion powder, paprika, pepper, sea salt.

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