Kids’ Realistic & nutritious Recipes

These are recipes ideas that are not only healthier for us and our family but also tasty.  My recipes below are realistic and most easy to make, specially for busy parents (aren’t we all!)

Some of these recipes my boys love, some not so much.  Given that my desire is for them to eat healthier nutritious food and for them to learn how to nurture their bodies, I go over what is on their plate and the benefits of eating it with them.  Sometimes I get a push back, but they still end up eating it, even if it is just a little bit.  My reasoning is, if we don’t teach our children now how to eat healthy, then when? just like us adults, we might don’t like the taste of some nutritious food, but we still eat it because we realize it is good for our health, well, the same should apply for our entire family.  The earlier in life they know this, the better off they will be as they grow.  

 It is all about conscious eating and nurturing the body

So, if at first you don’t succeed keep on offering it to your children 😉, their taste buds need to get a flavor for the more natural and clean food, eventually that is what they will want to eat.


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