Chocolate Pudding

Organics Chocolate Pudding

Organics Chocolate Pudding





      The Good

      • Low Calorie
      • No artificial colors
      • Low fat

      The bad and the ugly

      • 16g of sugar per 2 Tbsp dry mix, limit serving

      My 6 yr old sure has a sweet tooth!  Going to grocery store with him was quite an adventure for many reasons, one in particular, walking thru the pudding and jello isle! Most of the products found on the shelves, at kid’s eye-level are attractive, but full of preservatives, artificial ingredients and sugar.  I was glad to find this alternate pudding to regular pudding.

      I give this once in a while, since the sugar and add up.  This pudding has 16g of sugars per serving, which is already about half of the sugar recommend value if your kids are between 4 and 8 and trying to stay within the sugar-added guideline of 35 g of sugar per day! so eat moderately.

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