Coconut Aminos

Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos

Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos





      The Good

      • 65% less sodium than soy sauce
      • Non-GMO
      • No MSG
      • 100% organic
      • Gluten free

      The bad and the ugly

      • Can be pricy

      In light of reducing sodium and staying away from GMO, I have replaced any type of soy sauce with Coconut Aminos.  Regular soy sauce is high in sodium, it contains MSG which is produced during the fermentation process, and to top it all off, the soybeans and wheat used to make the sauce may be contaminated with GMO.

      Coconut Aminos is free of soy, low in sodium.  Has low glycemic and contains 17 amino acids, minerals, vitamins, all these which may be good for your health including the digestive system and heart health.

      It tastes good!


      a little bit pricy, but can get them cheaper at places like vitacost






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