Cowboy Chicken

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 10.47.57 AMThis franchise claims all-natural roasted chicken.  It is tasty and they have many nutritious sides to choose from as well as gluten free.


Better choices suggestions and recommended substitutions from kids’ meal and some from the regular menu:

  • Meals:
    • The Cowpoke –ask to be lightly seasoned to reduce sodium
    • 1/4 Chicken White –ask to be lightly seasoned to reduce sodium
    • Grilled chicken breast from platter
    • Grilled chicken salad – dressing on the side
    • Hamburger w/ Onion – choose mustard & ketchup instead of spread
    • Protein Style (Bun replaced with Lettuce)
  • Sides:
    • Black beans
    • Campfire veggies
    • Famous twice baked potaters
    • Green beans
    • small garden salad
    • Spanish rice
    • Sweet potatoes
  • Desserts:
    • Vanilla ice cream – if you must!  but start getting your family used to not eating dessert.  Their meal should suffice their appetite, and besides you get to save money!
  • Drinks:
    • Water – Make a habit to always order water for your kids
    • Juices – ask for freshly squeezed juice or 100% fruit, limit juice intake
    • Milk – ask for organic and/or low fat, limit or avoid milk intake

Nutrition information

Allergen Information

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