The DARK Act: a very close decision but good for now

It is a frustrating feeling to accept the results of such an impacting vote.  The Deny Americans the Right to Know (DARK) Act should have failed with flying colors given the importance and exponential effect it entails.

Perhaps is the ignorance of knowledge from the public and therefore the lack of support.  I would wonder what the end results would have been if this bill was all over the social media, protesters on TV news being interviewed, would that have made a difference in the number of votes, very likely. For now, we are able to take a short breath and claim a little victory for our rights.

We have to be vigilant of what goes behind the scenes in Congress when all are sleeping, and relay information as much as we can.  Information is power!

We need to keep on pressing and be united is sending this message across the nation, specially the Senate:

  • We have the right to know what goes in our food.  Genetically modified Organism (GMO) should be label on our food products
  • Concerns about the safety of GMOs should be widely spread given more than 99 percent of the GMO crops grown in the world today are modified to multiply and withstand insects exposing us to pesticide such as Monsanto’s Roundup, which according to the World Health Organization it is a probable carcinogen

Let’s keep on going, let’s not bring our guard down, this is fight that will continue and we must remain strong and united.

List of Senators who voted:  (Source)

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