First Aid Class for Children

First Aid Class for Children by Medical City Children’s Hospital

Medical City Children’s Hospital once again reaches out to the community!  The Medical City Children’s Hospital staff welcomed everyone with a smile as we walked into the atrium to have our  first aid class for children.  It was a Saturday morning full of fun and learning!

I am in agreement that kids need to to be taught about tackling situations when faced by them, especially, medical emergencies.  Research has found that children as young as 9 can learn and retain the basics of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) even though their physical strength may pose limits on their effectiveness when it comes to given CPR to an adult patient.  Research still suggests that kids should know vital skills that improve the chances of survival since these skills might come in handy when helping other kids of their age.

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During the first aid class offered by MCCH, there were kids ranging from kindergarten to high school present, I appreciated the fact that the sessions were precise and short, children usually don’t have the same attention span as adults 😉  Children learned about the basics of CPR, how to recognize an emergency, when to call 911, as well as how to bandage wounds and care for minor scrapes.

One important fact given was that not all cellular service companies can identify the the location of the caller, so it is very important for children to know their address and phone number.  Kids should also learned how to describe were they are if they must call 911 when they are not home since 911 service cannot provide exact locations when calls come from cell phones.


They also met with a local firefighter and his two knowledgable young children.  It was very motivating for the kids to hear these two young children talk about basic fire safety.

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And not only was this class free, Medical City Children’s Hospital also offered free valet parking and a healthy lunch for children and adults.  The kids even walked away with first aid supplies and a goody bag.



For more information about Medical City Children’s Hospital visit their webpage


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