Keep your strawberries fresh this season

strawberries (1)


My local Sprouts store had organic strawberries on sale for $1.98/lb, so I had to stack up!

My family enjoys munching on strawberries, but they have to be washed and ready to eat otherwise I think they would be left on the fridge until they rotten! Nothing like easy and visible access to healthier snacks.

We enjoy them on smoothies as well, just place some strawberries in freezer and take them out when ready to use.  Frozen strawberries are yummy and give a great flavor to summer nutritious natural smoothies.

Keeping your strawberries (or any other berry for that matter) fresh only takes a few minutes.  The key is to kill any spores on the fruit, and you do this by using vinegar.

  1. Fill a large bowl with water and vinegar, use 1:8 ratio, example: 1 cup vinegar to 8 cups of water
  2. Add strawberries to the bowl, gently move them around and let them soak for about 10 minutes ( I always go longer just because I start doing other things around the kitchen and forget about them). The vinegar will take care of the spores and kill any bacteria
  3. Drain the strawberries in a colander and rinse well to get rid of the vinegar flavor
  4. Place them on paper towel to dry
  5. Store the strawberries in the original container (washed) from store and line it up with paper towel
  6. Place in refrigerator and enjoy!!



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