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Recently, I made a trip to Costa Rica for the first time and fell in love with its natural beauty.  Breathing in all its pure air and feeling the fresh rain fall and touch my skin was re-junivating, bringing a sense of peacefulness.  The presence of Mother nature was all around, on the fruit hanging trees, on the fruit and vegetables at the markets, the fresh squeezed juices in the bright morning and even on the vertical herb gardens at the hotel.

Kids and Adults eat simple but hearty food consisting mostly of grilled chicken or beef, rice and beans, drinking fresh-blended fruit or just sipping coconut milk straight from the coconut with a straw.

During my stay I met a dad and his 13 yr old whose energy and kindness just radiated.  They were getting coconuts from trees for their chicken dinner! I was so intrigue about how common this was for them that I kept on asking question about their health habits. I learned their nutrition consists of protein, fruits and vegetables and lots of herbs! No gluten, no dairy! My kind of people!  How does the 13 yr-old enjoy and savor their way of eating?… Conscious eating.

Here in the United States, we are surrounded by food, everywhere we look, everywhere we go, unfortunately most of us are not able to walk down the streets and ran into fruit hanging trees.  Most of our food,  fruit and vegetables come from grocery stores and/or from restaurants. The majority, if not all, of what we consumed is highly processed food, full of chemicals and artificial ingredients, high in calories and fat.  Food that is not only making us sick, but making our children sick as well! and sometimes we don’t even know it! No wonder the increase of child obesity, children’s diabetes, allergies, many cases of ADHD, not to mention many more (My inspiration for this blog)

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As parents, we have a responsibility to be aware and conscious of what we are consuming and feeding our children.  We have to learn first so we can teach our children about how food impact our bodies, mind and spirit. We have to teach them that whole foods are full of vitamins and nutrients that nourish their growing body and mind.  As parents, we need to grow in our knowledge that nature’s natural gifts should be that, natural, free of chemicals and genetically modified.  By teaching our children at young age the side effects of ‘fake food’ and the benefits of real food, they can have a better opportunity to give themselves a healthy lifestyle..always, even when we are not around.

Make an investment on your family’s health now and you will see the positive returns in the future.  Start now, one step at a time, start today, start here and take the challenge!

And just as Costa Ricans say, “Pura Vida”, “Pure Life.”  This motto is more than just two words, it embodies joy of life and with that a healthy life style, a balanced mind, body and spirit, simply all that matters… the untouched nature and love we all are entitled to.




We have to keep on fighting for fresh and natural nutritious food for our children, for our right to know what goes in our food, to reduce child obesity, to stand together against Pharma industry and companies such as Monsanto and make them stop poisoning our children in the name of big profits.

If not us, who? If not now, when?









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