Give me some turkey bacon!

Oscar Mayer Uncured Turkey Bacon

Oscar Mayer Uncured Turkey Bacon





      The Good

      • Uncured Turkey Bacon
      • No nitrates or nitrate added
      • No fillers
      • 50% less fat and 40% less sodium then USDA Data for cooked pork bacon
      • Gluten Free

      The bad and the ugly

      I like using turkey bacon as a substitute for bacon.  Turkey bacon is lower in fat and calories, but still tastes delicious.  Turkey bacon is usually part of our breakfast at home.  My boys love it! They actually snack on it as well.

      You can chop it and mixed it into scramble eggs; my kids love it when mixed in with chopped organic broccoli as well, yummy!

      There are many turkey bacon brands and options such as smoked cured, less fat, lower sodium, maple, etc.. we usually choose the Turkey bacon that is lower Sodium with sea salt.

      Oscar Meyer has the low sodium, uncured, no traits or nitrates added, no fillers and 50% less fat than USDA data for cooked pork bacon.












      If you are allergic to Soy products or don’t feel well when consuming soy products be aware this food product contains Soy Lecithin.