Van’s 8 whole grains waffles

Van's 8 whole grains waffles

Van's 8 whole grains waffles





      The Good

      • Full serving of whole grains
      • No high fructose corn syrup
      • No artificial colors or flavors
      • No hydrogenated or GMO oils
      • 7g of giver per serving

      The bad and the ugly

      • -

      Our breakfast is usually scramble eggs with turkey bacon (protein/fat), fresh natural fruit (carbs), green vegetable juice (nutrients), and either organic omega-3 toast or Whole grain pancakes (fiber)….yes I have two hungry, growing boys at home 😉

      It can become quite overwhelming to choose the ‘healthy’ pancakes given so many pancake varieties at the stores!  

      We have found that the Van’s 8 whole grains pancakes are nutritious and delicious.  Two serving size gives 28% of fiber daily value and 5g of protein.  These are loaded with whole wheat, oats, barley, brown rice, rye, quinoa, amaranth and millet; so sensitive for those on a gluten free diet;

      There are several to choose from, but I like the berry ones 😉 See post for the Gluten Free Pancakes




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      If you are allergic to Soy products or don’t feel well when consuming soy products be aware this food product contains Soy Lecithin.

      Learn more about Soy Lecithin from BlueLightWave

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