Relieve Cold and Flu

Avoiding colds and flu entirely is almost impossible unless we pack up our things and take our family to a deserted island, away from stranger’s sneezing, children’s running noses and coughs from strangers on the street.  Since this might not be a realistic move, one thing we can do for ourselves and our family is to eat immunity-boosting foods.

Foods contain powerful nutrients that can help stop viruses from taking over, and even when your child is already sick, eating the right foods can ease discomfort and help is getting better quicker.

Once viruses start getting into your system they immediately start working hard in making more viruses.  If your immune system is not strong enough to begin with and doesn’t stop them early on, they multiply and you start feeling sick with colds and Flu.

One way to stop this microbial invasion is to eat more fruit and vegetables that that strengthen the immune system and destroy viruses before they make your and your family sick.   Research has shown that many fruits and vegetables contains compound called glutathione, which stimulates the immune system to release large number of macrophages, specialized cells that seize viruses and mark them for destruction.  In addition, vitamin C lowers levels of histamine, a defensive chemical released by the immune system that is responsible for causing stuffiness and other cold and flu symptoms.


Fruit and vegetables to fight and relieve cold/flu

Avocados, watermelons, asparagus, winter squash, grapefruit, okra, oranges, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, cauliflower, broccoli, cantaloupe, strawberries and peaches are good food sources.


Additional traditional treatment tip:

Cup of hot tea followed by a steaming bowl of chicken soup.  These two foods contain compounds that can receive congestion and keep the immune system strong.  Having a bowl of chicken soup is one of the best ways to relieve stuffiness and other cold and flu symptoms.  Ensure it is homemade soup though, Doctors aren’t sure why, but can chicken soup doesn’t work as well as home made.


Healing juices and smoothies


Healthful Tip:

Frozen orange juice contains more vitamin C than the ready-to-go drink kind.  That’s because more of the vitamin C in juice sold in cartons or bottles is oxidized -a much as 76% compared to just 20% of C in frozen juice.  To get the most of your juice grab some frozen juice or better yet, make a orange smoothie with peeled oranges and ice.


Healing Recipes



For a sore throat, sip water hot with a bit of honey (to coat your throat) and lemon (to shrink swollen throat tissues and help kill of virus cells) or add honey and lemon to tea.

Gargling water with warm saltwater can also ease a sore throat by clearing aways dead white blood cells and increasing blood flow to the throat, which helps your body fight the infection.

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