Santa Cruz Apple Sauce

Santa Cruz Apple Sauce

Santa Cruz Apple Sauce





      The Good

      • Organic
      • 100% DV of vitamin C

      The bad and the ugly

      I used to be under the impression all applesauces were healthy for kids.  This is not the case! there are some apple sauces that contain high percentages of sugar.  Most of the calories come from the sugar which in most cases is from High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) or some other type of added sweetener.  Learn more about HFCS from Bluelightwave.

      Although I prefer an old-fashion fresh apple to chew on, my boys do enjoy a quick sweet snack such apple sauce at times.

      Keep in mind sugar in an apple, although natural, is also high in sugars, but you also get the nutrients and fiber when chewing an apple!

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