Sugar added Recommendation

What is the daily sugar added recommendation?


The Institute of Medicine (IOM) sets the nutritional standards for the daily Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs). Back in 2002, IOM suggested that the maximum level of intake of added sugars should be 25% or less of calories, in 1992 the U.S. Pyramid had added sugars to be max of 10% of calories! …and yet we wonder about increased obesity among our society.

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend 5% to 15% of total calories

The American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines for daily added sugar is 2o grams for women, 36 grams for men and 12 grams for children depending on daily calorie intake.

In 2014, the World Health Organization (WHO) draft guidelines were released recommending a drop of added sugar intake from 10% to 5%

The main concern is the sugar-added to food and beverages, and the short and long term effects of its consumption, and not so much the natural sugar that are already exists in food.  

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With so many recommendations from so many sources on sugar-added, what to do??

I would use the “Less is better” motto here. WHO recommendations are based on analysis of the latest scientific evidence.

  1. consuming less sugars lower body weight
  2. increasing the amount of sugars in the edit is associated with obesity
  3. children with high intake of added sugar drinks are more likely to be overweight
  4. higher rates of tooth decay

Given that I was not able to find a table that clearly spells out what all this sugar translates into in numbers,  I created one, to the best of my math knowledge 🙂

Daily Total sugar-added Table:

Keep in mind the following:

  • 4 calories = 1 gram of sugar
  • Used the higher end of calorie intake per day
  • calculated 3 guidelines based on 5%, 10%, 15%

sugar table guide

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What are your thoughts on sugar-added and its consumption?


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